Where does Reunionese cuisine come from ?

Food reflects the people, so it makes sense that in Reunion we have a colourful and friendly cuisine. Born from the exchanges of many cultures, Reunionese cuisine brings together several specialities from around the world.

The origins

First of all, it is important to know that meals in Reunion are a special time sharing. Reunion Islanders devote this time to their families, whether at home or outside, such as in the park or on the beach.

Reunionese cuisine is the result of a mix of influences from Malagasy, French, Indian, East African and Chinese cuisines. This makes Réunionese Creole cuisine both tasteful and colourful. In addition, the presence of many communities on the island also helped to discover world cuisines: Chinese, Indian, Malagasy and African in particular.

Different types of dishes

Unlike people in mainland France who traditionally eat starters, followed by a main course and followed by a desert, Creole meals are almost entirely composed of a main course of rice, vegetable grains, meat and vegetables.

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Culinary art and politeness

In Reunion, the rules of politeness differ from the posh cutlery items and ordered tables of metropolitan France. Instead food is served directly in the pot, family style.

People often eat with just a spoon or fork only (no knife) or even with their fingers. Nevertheless, there are still rules!
Most importantly, one should not dirty the palm of the hand or use both hands when eating.

To serve a beautiful plate, first put the rice (but be careful not to just dump a big pile). Then put the vegetables in grain, the meat and the vegetables next to it. With a plate so full, you might want to mix it all together. Again, be careful, as not everything will mix at the same time. Keep mixing as you share your meal.

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