Where can I find French cheese?

Cheese is one of the culinary pleasures of the French, after pastry and wine.
Finding real cheese in the USA is not easy that’s why I propose you good addresses to get this little pleasure.

Finding French cheese in supermarkets

Today, classic supermarkets sell French cheese of very good quality.
A little less strong and less colourful than real cheese, you can still find good products.

At Whole Food

You will find a large selection of French and European cheeses of very good quality.

At Ralph

You will find cheeses such as Boursin, Babybel or Chavrou. In France, children love these cheeses!

At Trader Joe’s 

Same selection as the previous store, it also offers a selection of cheeses suitable for fondue. Typical dish in winter!

Find French cheese on the Internet

You can also choose to buy good cheese over the internet. Of course it’ s surprising to buy food on the internet but it can be the best alternative to get your favourite products.

La crémerie royale

The site offers direct home delivery of the best French cheeses. Here, the delivery is done via UPS and the cheeses are very well packed and refrigerated, so no need to worry!

You can buy classic cheeses, or choose a truffle selection. If you are greedy, let yourself be tempted by the monthly boxes.

Find French cheese in specialty grocery stores

Yes, there are specialized cheese shops! More expensive than in a classic shop you will find high quality cheese from France and Europe.

The CheesePeople

The CheesePeople store has been dedicated for years to providing quality products to people who love food and especially cheese.

Located in Beverly Hills, this beautiful store offers delicious cheeses. In addition to its quality products, classes are offered to learn how to combine wine and cheese!

French cheese board (NYC)

Recent concept store in New York City, it offers the best products for your aperitifs or Sunday brunch. It is also a store that offers an exclusive program combining art and gastronomy that appeals to both beginners and passionate people.
Finally, the French Cheese Board is an ambassador of the French cheese experience!


For years, people have been looking for a dairy-free alternative to cheese. This is due to the many allergies and different diets.
Today there is a delicious alternative! Vromage a store that offers high quality artisanal cheeses, made from nuts and matured to perfection.

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