Tour de France of culinary specialities

France, the land of wine and gastronomy! Always associated with each other, they make French cuisine one of the best in the world. But each region of France has its own specialities!

Since 2010, the gastronomic meal “à la française” and its rituals have been listed as part of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list.
Indeed, the French are very attached to the three meals of the day: Traditionally, breakfast is taken around 7am, lunch around noon and dinner around 8pm.

If you like sweetness you will enjoy pastries such as chocolate éclair or lemon meringue pies. If you prefer savoury, like me, you’ll have many recipes to try!

Let’s start our gastronomic tour de France in the north!

Try the maroilles and endives with ham! Then head east and more precisely near Reims to enjoy a glass of champagne.
Then go to Alsace to eat a good Choucroute or flamed tarts called “flammekueche”. Finally, go to Bourgogne to try the gingerbread, the Cancoillotte and the famous snails!

Let’s continue with central and south-eastern France.

In Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, it is the aligot or the nougat of Montélimar that will delight your taste buds. Then go to a “bouchon lyonnais”, a typical little restaurant for quenelles and a praline tart. Continue your culinary adventure in Marseille and try bouillabaisse or ratatouille and have a slice of Tropezian tart for dessert.

Then set course for the west of France!

The South-West is the land of foie gras, cassoulet and roquefort. Then head up along the Atlantic coast and taste the cannelés or macaroons from Bordeaux and then the biscuits from Nantes. Once in Bretagne, enjoy a seafood platter, followed by a buckwheat galette accompanied by a bowl of cider.

End of the journey in Paris !

It has many specialties such as Brie cheese !
But Île-de-France is also and above all known for its pastries: Saint-Honoré and Paris-Brest.

Overseas food

Finally, to make this gastronomic Tour de France really complete, taste the dishes and products from overseas! You’ll find the acras of cod or the raw fish Tahitian style.
What a treat!

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