Top 5 utensils you absolutely need in your kitchen

Discover the top 5 utensils you absolutely need in your kitchen.

Whether you are a master chef or a complete novice, there is some hardware that no kitchen can go without! Indeed, savoury food leaves no room for improvisation. You have to be fully prepared. You already know the basic pots and pans, but do you know my favourite kitchen tools? 

#1 Steam cooker

Easily adaptable to many healthy diets, the steam cooker maintains both the quality and the flavour of your food. As its name would suggest, it cooks food with pressurised steak. Most often used for vegetables, it can also be used to cook rice, fish, meat, eggs and even yogurt!

It is easy to use and once programmed, the steamer manages the cooking of the food until the end thanks to the automatic stop function. It cooks food without destroying its nutritional quality, which makes the food tasty. Everything is contained within the steamer basket, so the fragrances and spices can’t escape.


#2 Mortar & Pestle

I know that today there are choppers or spices already prepared, but I love the traditional vibe of this accessory! People all over the world use this tool to grind their ingredients into pastes or powders.

To choose yours properly, you need to figure out what you want to prepare with it. For a mixture of herbs or spices choose a wooden pestle. To make spice pastes or marinades choose the marble pestle instead. If you’re new to cooking and you don’t know yet, a ceramic pestle will do the trick! 


#3 Deep dish

Normally used to make gratins or turkeys at Christmas, the deep dish will be used to cook all your dishes in the oven. Practical and easy to clean you can always imagine new recipes. I never have any trouble with this!


#4 Cutting board

I would think that everyone has one these days, but not long ago I saw my cousin cutting his vegetables on the table directly on the tablecloth! Today there are all kinds of boards, wooden, plastic, and even metal so please use them! You’ll be more comfortable as you work, I’m sure! Once you proudly use your cutting board, you’ll need chef’s knives!  By the way, not all vegetables are cut with the same knife, so choose carefully?


#5 Tupperware 

Finally, my anti-food waste tip! 

When I like to cook, I tend to make large portions. In today’s day and age, throwing food away just isn’t an option, so I use plastic or glass boxes to store the leftover food. The advantage of plastic boxes is that you can put them in the freezer and in the microwave without damaging the food.

Those are my tips. What are your kitchen essentials?

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