What is the Street Food in Reunion?

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What is the street food in Reunion Island? Street food is a local product from Reunion. Food trucks are most commonly found in the capital of the island. Here the best things to snack:

Samoussa: Initially based on pastry sheet stuffed with meat or cooked vegetables, and often spicy. There are different kinds of samoussa in Reunion. The most common are cheese, beef, shrimps, and vegetable.

The famous little triangle of crispy dough garnished with meat, cheese, fish, or vegetables. A real institution in Reunion: no aperitif without Samoussa! And anyway, it can be enjoyed at all hours of the day or evening, pure indulgence. Depending on the location, the dough differs a bit and the filling is not prepared the same way. In the heart of Saint-Denis, in the rue Maréchal Leclerc, it is above all the “zarabes” samosas (made by the Muslim community) that you can savor: they are very crisp and the stuffing is not very fatty, well seasoned; they nibble like a treat while shopping, after school or before going to the office.

My favorite is tuna samoussa


Bread gratined Bouchon: It’s a sandwich crispy bread with Bouchon (steamed meat butcher), fries, and gruyere fondue on the top. Very popular.

This is the emblem of Creole junk food! ” Bouchons” are meatballs wrapped in rice paper and steamed. It’s not light, and it sticks to the body, but it’s good dipped in “Siav” (soy sauce). Now imagine a baguette sliced ​​in half, with lots of ketchup, mayonnaise, and chili-like sauce, garnished with our famous ” Bouchons”, with a good handful of fries, a ton of grated cheese, all passed through a salamander to make gratinate. Here is the American cork made in Réunion: a best-of in street food. In Saint-Pierre, we sit at the Le Sport Rondavelle, and we bite into it facing the sea while watching the kite surfers. The “ki ff”!

Bread gratined bouchon

Bouchon: This is a small bite of pork or chicken, surrounded by steamed dough, which is usually served as hot with soy sauce and hot chili sauce or ketchup.


Bonbon Piment (Chili pepper sweet): This is a small, round fritter with savory flavors. It consists of a dough made of chopped lentils or Lima beans, with the addition of chili pepper, spring onion, turmeric, coriander, cumin, and ginger. The dough is then shaped into small, flat balls that are deep-fried in oil. 

Bonbon piment

Piment Farcis (Stuffed chili): One of classic Reunion, you can found them everywhere and eat at any time. You can found them like chicken, beef or tuna.

Piment farcis on the right

Chicken thin fry (Croquette de poulet): Usually we eat them with soy sauce or chili sauce. Sell everywhere in Reunion and can be eaten at anytime even morning !

Chicken fry

Fry shrimp (Croquette crevette): Similar than croquette poulet but we remplace per shrimp. To eat hot or lukewarm.

Fry shrimp

Vegetable achards: Achards are vegetables that have been cut into thin strips and seasoned with oil, vinegar, turmeric, crushed garlic, onions, ginger and chilli peppers (think spicy pickled coleslaw without the mayonnaise).

Nems:  rolls, salad rolls, or summer rolls, consisting of pork, prawns, vegetables, fresh herbs and other ingredients wrapped in Reunion


Bonbon bananes: Typical sweet bananas donut of Reunion! you will love them

Bonbon banane

Bread sardine/ hot chili pepper (pain sardine gros piment): It’s a tasty looking sandwich. It combines ingredients well anchored in Creole cuisine: hot pepper chili and sardines. It is a great marriage of ingredients gives an exceptional result.

Eggplant donut (Beignet bringelle): Savory donut. Bringelle is the local word in Reunion to said eggplant, it is a fried eggplant, the dough is a mixture of different spice like cumin, cilantro, garlic etc..; To eat cold or lukewarm

eggplant donut
Eggplant donut

Potato donut (Beignet pomme de terre): Savory donut similar than eggplant dough except that is slices potatoes. Same dough mixture. Very delicious

For more Creole Recipe: Saveurs de maye

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