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“Tasty food, presented in a nice cookbook.”

Passionate about travelling and cooking, I have compiled in this book the best recipes from my home country.
Mayelice fil

What is it ?

This book is a recipes of famous french and creole food. I think my book can be a good alternative if you want to learn how to cook french food or if you want to discover another culture or only bring new taste in your food. In my book there is a lot of color red because is my favorite color, red color remain pimento which mean spice food but also color of passion which mean my passion for cooking. 

Why choose my book?

“Saveurs de Maye” will not teach you only how to cook french/creoles recipes but how to cook with taste and with my personal touch, in each recipes there is a tips and address where to found french ingredients in your current country. For people who knows me, they will said that I’m girl with « peps » I need spice in my life in general and this is what I bring in my book. If you don’t like routine and you like spice, you will love this book. 

What's in it for you?

“Saveur de Maye” will bring you somewhere else, each recipes are different, you will like to cook because you will like what you eat. In this book I want my readers travel with me. I want you to discover France but also Reunion through my dishes. I like say « When you cooking, if the food smell good that’s mean the good taste good » 

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