Course 2 : How to make French sauces: 10 famous French sauces


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

– Determine which sauce is best for which dishes

– Know how to make the perfect French sauce

– Know how to cook flavored sauces

– Make your own French sauces



Want to try different sauces? You like to eat your lunch or dinner with sauce? Make your own sauce to taste better. Experience food the way you want to enjoy it. What’s more, there is often plenty of room to create a custom sauce to suit your taste. This is the class of essential French sauce recipes, so you can constantly reinvent your salads, side dishes and appetizers. All these recipes are made using simple techniques that are easy to follow and require no special equipment or experience. Once you master these easy recipes, there is no limit to the number of sauce variations you can invent!

12 lessons:
1- Sauce béchamel (Bechamel sauce)
2- Sauce au poivre (Pepper sauce)
3- Sauce blanche (White sauce)
4- Sauce vinaigrette (Dressing sauce)
5- Sauce chasseur
6- Sauce forestière (Ranger sauce)
7- Sauce échalote (Shallot sauce)
8- Sauce béarnaise (Bearnaise sauce)
9- Sauce au beurre (Butter sauce)
10- Sauce à la provençale (Provençal sauce)
11- How to combine your sauce with your food
12- Quiz on the lessons


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