My Two favorite food & wine services

Hello my food lover, today I decided to share with you my favorite food & wine service that I use. Freshly, a meal plan service to keep a healthy diet and eat yummy food and Wine access to find all the wine you like and want to try.


What is Freshly?

Freshly is a Meal subscription box is meticulously crafting healthy, whole ingredients into fresh, flavorful meals. They send them directly to you in environmentally friendly containers. You receive everything you need to make a delicious meal, with all items prepared by a chef Try freshly and Get $50 off your first five orders of Freshly ($10 off each week)

Why do I like them?

I like Freshly because they are tasty meals, it’s perfect for small families ho wants to eat healthily and also single people who don’t want to have leftover (like me)

You can also filter certain ingredients,  chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, and spicy foods. Also, the nutrition label and ingredient list are specified for each meal, which may make Freshly a good option for me to track their nutrient intake or those with allergies or specific dietary restrictions. They have great customer service and this is very important to me.

Just so you know they have a list of frequently asked questions available in Freshly’s support center.

Freshly offers several support services too if you have issues with your order.

You can call or text a customer service representative 24/7 or chat or email with them via their website.

And If you need to skip a week, cancel your subscription, or modify your weekly meal plan, you can also easily do so on their website.

How does it work?

Each week, we can create your own custom menu by choosing 4–12 meals

1- Choose your meal over 30 different menu 

2- They cook by a chef and deliver to you 

3- Ready to eat 

You can choose from 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week. If you ever need to skip a week, you can easily do so in the app. With Freshly, each week, your meals will arrive on the same day, as decided by your zip code, and you’ll be billed for that week’s meal. Freshly ships to the entire continental United States. 

How much does it cost?

There are 4 options: 4 meals at $11.50 each, 6 or 9 meals at $8.99, or 12 at $7.99 each with a shipping rate that is calculated at checkout. Each meal serves 1 person.

But you can save $15 off your first 4 orders of Freshly with code PESTO

Start with freshly and get $60 Off Your First Four Orders ($15 off each order)!


The first thing to know about the Wine Access Wine Club is that it’s curation-based. That means every quarter; you’ll get six bottles hand-selected by the Wine Access team ($150 including shipping). Members won’t know in advance what bottles they will receive — it’s all about trust.

French drink a lot of wine; I think this website is useful and logical to share with you. I will be honest with you. I’m a total novice about wine; I drink only white sweat wine and don’t know a lot about it, but if you like wine and like paring with your meal, then they are the best for you. You can find wine from France, Italy, Spain, California, and all around the world. 

Who are they, and what’s included in boxes?

The company lives and works in Napa Valley, the capital of the American wine industry.  When you get a shipment from them, it’s a pretty impressive thing because each Wine Access shipment covers various regions. But is centered around a theme to help you learn just a little more about the world of wine. They include details like wine characteristics, best food pairings, where they’re from, and the exciting stories behind the wines and how they’re created from vine to grape to glass.

How much is the subscription? 

Wine Access’s subscription is $150 + tax with shipping included, but Wine Access is an excellent value because your box’s value will be worth $200 plus, depending on the selection.

Get 25% off Your First Two Wine Club Shipments and if you discover a wine that you love, you’ll get 10% off all additional bottles on the website as a club member. The Wine Access Wine Club is the right choice for anyone who wants to experience a wine of varietals, regions, and producers. 

Start Wine Access and get Shipping Included when you purchase any 6 Bottles with my link

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