How to fresh up old bread?

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Bread History

How to fresh up old bread? The bread is an integral part of the daily life of the French. The French consume it at the rate of 6 billion units each year, or nearly a hundred per capita (including babies). Breakfast toast, with ham and butter at midday, passing by the essential companion of cheese, the baguette is everywhere, at any time, at all meals. After the baguette, country bread is the other staple of French bread. And the third one is “whole grain bread,” a bread made with a whole flour, comprising the grain of the wheat and its shell. Generally denser and more crumbly than white flour bread, wholemeal bread obviously stands out for its dietary benefits. In summary: high fiber, lower glycemic index, the massive presence of trace elements and vitamins, and intestinal transit …

The Way to Revive Baguette

Everyone talks about how great sliced bread is, but there’s nothing better than the taste of a just-baked loaf of crusty French bread. As a french girl, I can tell you that I can’t live without bread. I love it! And I wanted to share this secret with you because I hate to waste food and especially bread. Some methods are from my grandmother’s secret.

Why Bread Goes Stale?

The stale of the bread begins about 6 hours after the penetrant. Bread hardens because it dries out. Over time, there is an exchange between the ambient air and the bread’s air, which carries with it moisture: the crust softens, and the crumb dries out. The bigger the bread, the longer this process will take.

How to Keep the Bread Longer?

Wrap your bread in a clean tea towel, then place it in a canvas bread bag or wooden bread box

Warning: If you wash the tea towel or bread bag with strong scent detergent, or worse, with fabric softener, the bread will take on the smell.

You can also cut your fresh bread into pieces (quarter loaf, slices), wrap it in an airtight plastic bag, and freeze it. This way, you can store bread for up to 6 months.

To defrost it, you can take it out an hour or two ahead of time or insert the frozen slices into your toaster.

Please avoid using the microwave for defrosting, as it will damage the bread and make it too hard. Warning: never refreeze a thawed proud

Method 1: I use most Take your bread, and moisten it slightly on both sides of the bread—place bread under running tap water just enough to make it wet. Do not soak. And you place it in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees F. Your bread is fresh again.

Method 2: Put bread in a bag with some celery. If you want to freshen up sliced ​​bread (but not that) that is no longer very fresh, a little-known trick is to place a stalk of celery in the bread storage bag. The bread is then placed in the fridge overnight or left in its usual place without touching it for a few hours. He should quickly become more tender.

Method 3: Microwave bread with a damp paper towel. Wrapping bread in a damp paper towel surrounds it with moisture, and the microwave adds heat.

Method 4: Wrap bread in foil and bake it. Letting the loaf hang out in a 375-degree oven for 10 minutes. The crust got fairly crisp, which I liked.

How can we Freeze Bread Correctly?

First of all, if your fresh bread is hot, it is important to let it cool. Then it is essential to use a freezer bag or, failing that, a plastic bag. You must both empty the airbag and close it tightly. To do this, press on the bag (without crushing the bread, of course) to expel the air, and close the freezer bag. From this perspective, freezer bags with a slide are the most practical. If you only have a lambda plastic bag, blow the air out of it, and tie a very tight knot to ensure it is airtight. When stored in this way, the bread can remain for up to six months (maximum) in the freezer set to at least -18 ° C. When freezing, you can pre-cut your bread or baguette to take out of the freezer only the piece needed for your breakfast or meal.

What can we DO with Old Bread?

My favorite recipe for old bread is “pain perdu,” which is called french bread in America and everywhere else except in France. I still wonder why it is not the same name. French bread or “pain perdu.” is made with eggs, milk, old bread, and sugar (optional)

Then we have Stale bread croutons. Stale bread can turn out to be tasty and crispy when cooked as croutons! Season with lemon, garlic, or mint; these crunchy little bites will go perfectly in a soup or salad.

And we have Stale bread crumbs. Breadcrumbs are a great way to use dry bread effectively. It is perfect for simply seasoning your dishes and brings a crispy touch. Embellished with spices, cheese, or herbs, it will delicately flavor your cooking recipes!

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