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Even today, French cuisine maintains its reputation as being the best in the world. In particular, it is listed as a UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage! But many other excellent culinary traditions have come to challenge France’s cultural prestige. So why is French cuisine still perceived as the best in the world? So why is French cuisine still perceived as the best in the world?

A little history of French cuisine

As true lovers of cooking, the French never stop evolving and preparing dishes with various techniques.
Even though the younger generation cooks less, the French still love to cook. Most of them would even call it a passion!
It should also be noted that the term gastronomy was used in France before spreading throughout the world. It refers in particular to culinary art and the idea of meal “à la française”.

Finally, French cuisine refers to various gastronomic styles and its presentation.

In France, the culinary art varies from region to region. And even if the basic recipes remain the same, we can notice changes in the way of preparing, cooking and in the dishes presented.

French cuisine is always distinguished by these two ingredients and accompaniments: French wines and French cheeses. They are integral parts of French culture.

French cuisine has a great reputation

French cuisine is committed to refinement, luxury, elegance and quality. It is also full of many culinary specialities and is distinguished by its creativity and aesthetics.

The diversity of traditions and histories surrounding it puts it in a high position worldwide. On the other hand, France is one of the founding countries of modern dining.
As in other countries and some restaurants abroad, you can find dishes that have been inspired by the ancient traditions of France.

What is the favorite dish of the French?

French tastes can be surprising! But contrary to popular belief, they don’t just eat oysters and cheese.
They prefer seafood, roast chicken and steak and fries (often cooked together in France). Preferences obviously vary according to age. For example, 18-24 year olds are not seafood fans!

The best cities to eat in France


If you too are a gourmet, in addition to being a passionate traveler, you must visit these cities at all costs during your stay in France !

Paris, in addition to being the capital of love, is also the capital of cuisine. With its many starred restaurants and “cuisine à la française” you can enjoy delicious food on almost every street corner.

But beware the budget conscious traveler, prices can be high.


Lyon or the City of Lights comes in 2nd place in the ranking. It also has many Michelin-starred tables. In addition to having a rich heritage, it is also very accessible in terms of price.


Once the best city for its cuisine, it now comes in 3rd place in the ranking. But its pretty streets and many Michelin-starred restaurants will remind you of Paris. Very rich in seafood and wine products, you will be able to enjoy delicious dishes.

5 French specialities to taste

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  • Tartiflette : Composed of potatoes, bacon, reblochon and onion, it is usually accompanied by a green salad.
  • Coq au vin : Traditional dish of French cuisine. For this dish, you need a rooster cut into pieces cooked in good red wine with onions, carrots, bouquet garni and mushrooms.
  • Pot au feu : Well known in winter ! To make this dish, you just need vegetables and a bit of meat.
  • Bœuf bourguignon : Beef bourguignon is one of the most traditional dishes of French gastronomy! You probably already know him.
  • Crepes : Served with a good bowl of cider, they can be eaten savoury or sweet for dessert.

To learn more about French specialties by region you can read this article : Tour de France of culinary specialities

FRANCE: Regional speciality

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