5 Essentials Food Apps

Food Apps are probably one of the most important any foodie can have on their phone. Find the perfect app for you. Discovering delicious restaurant, check what is inside your aliments, best delivery, organize your time in the kitchen. I am happy to share with you MY Essentials Food Apps.

Here we go !

1-Good To Go

Do you care about the environment? A free app which allows you to purchase unsold food at the end of service from shops and restaurant. With this App do not waste any food. App available in Europe, the US, and the UK.

How does it work?

Here are the step-by-step. You’ll see, it’s easier than it looks!

Create an account. You will then geolocate to see which partner merchants are around you who offer you to save baskets. You can also choose the location you prefer. Handy, if you want to organize yourself on the go!
Reserve the surprise baskets of your choice in the shops you like.

A little tip: the baskets are available for the next day 15 minutes after the end of the day’s collection. The baskets are then indicated by the mention “Tomorrow.” Of course, if baskets are still available on the same day, you can also go and save them.
Save the planet and get your baskets! Also, think about the oceans and bring your packaging and containers.
You will be reminded of the time and day of collection in the confirmation email and the receipt that you will find in the app. Once there, present your ticket to the merchant, who will validate it.
Small precision, the basket is “surprise.” It is impossible to choose or specify what you want in your basket since the merchant prepares the baskets according to his unsold items.

Don’t panic; we have more than one trick up our sleeve for those with dietary restrictions! You can filter the businesses by “special regime.” Read the descriptions of the shops carefully, and you will inevitably find what you are looking for. And even if you end up with a product you don’t like, share it with your loved ones!

Love this concept ! And you?

2- Mapstr:

With Mapstr you can save your favorite place in the world and share them with who you want!

Mapstr is an application that allows you to create your interactive map by registering all your favorite addresses. You can then sort them with tags, share them with your community, exchange tips, and prepare your next trips. A French application, Mapstr, was designed by Sébastien Caron, with a single objective: to register all of your addresses in an ultra visual and straightforward way and without any limits. The purpose of the Mapstr application is to build the map of YOUR world.

Thanks to Mapstr, you will be able to:

  • Save all the places you want (even non-commercial)
  • See instantly, without connection, all your addresses on a map or in a list
  • Access all the information about the place (website, timetables, photos, telephone, etc.)
  • Filter them by a system of customizable tags
  • Send addresses to friends

How Does it Work?

First, download the application on iOS or Android; it’s free! Then create your account.

  • Want to save a new location? Click on the “+” icon to add an address.
  • You have the choice :

Start typing the beginning of its name or address, like on a GPS, the app will make suggestions.
Choose a place next to you by geolocating yourself.
Please take a picture of the address in a magazine, and Mapstr will recognize it automatically.
Or tap a point on the map, right where you want to write the address!

I really like this App because they automatically add the open hours, contact information, and photos so whenever you visit, you know when to go and what to expect.

3- Yuka

Scan food products with clear information on the health impact instantly. Use barcode scanning to simplify healthy food shopping. New in USA!

Yuka is a Free Application available on Google Play and the App Store, the purpose of which is to inform users about the dangerousness of the foods they put in their shopping cart. The principle is straightforward; you have to launch the application and scan a product’s barcode to access files relating to it immediately.
A general score between 0 and 100 is assigned according to objective criteria and classifies foods into four categories: bad, mediocre, useful, and excellent. The user can then discover the characteristics of the product, particularly its qualities and defects. Thus, he is aware of the number of calories contained in 100 g, saturated fat, sugar, salt, protein, fiber, etc.

He can also see the additives listed in the product; these are classified into four categories: safe, limited risk, moderate risk, and high risk. If the item in question is unhealthy, Yuka offers similar products but with much better nutritional qualities.

A Premium version exists to be able to scan articles offline, search for products by writing their name (therefore without having to check them), access the complete history of its scans, and customize the application accordingly. Their food preferences (presence of gluten, lactose, palm oil, etc.).

Very Useful App.

4- Olio:

This App connects you with people close to you that have surplus of food and the best news is everything is free. They also have a volunteers that pick up restaurant donations.

How Olio does it works?

The principle is simple. You download the application or connect to the site. You can then access the dishes available in the area, or you can post your food. A photo and a short description and presto, we publish! A chat system allows you to discuss withdrawal methods with the person interested quickly or offering the product.

5- Uber Eat

This Free App is a food ordering and delivery platform. With more than 45 000 restaurants partner, be sure to find what you want to eat! Available everywhere. Once you are registered you can share your code with your friend to get a discount!

How Uber Eat does it works?

1- Touch the status bar at the bottom of the map.

2- Select the settings icon at the bottom of the screen to access driving preferences.

3- Touch Deliveries to activate Uber Eats. If you accept the terms and conditions, you will begin to receive delivery requests. You can activate or deactivate the delivery option at any time.

And you what food apps are essential in for you?

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