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Easy Veal in cream sauce –( Blanquette de veau)

Discover the recipe for traditional Blanquette de veau, a local classic that is unanimous with every bite. Serve with good fresh pasta or white rice.

Creole Recipes

Simple Chop Suey Creole

My favorite creole dish! And very healthy!
Chop suey creole can be prepared with beef, shrimp, chicken, or pork. This recipe is one of the most straightforward and most healthy.

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Spicy food are part of my life, let me share with you all the benefits and how we can prevent cancer with it.

creole sauteed cabbage
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Easy Healthy Sauteed White Cabbage

Sauteed white cabbage is a creole and straightforward recipe to make, plus it’s a very light, low-calorie, and economical recipe.

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My BEST Ratatouille Recipe

My BEST recipe ratatouille. Do you think about the movie? You are right. Discover the history and my best recipe

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Creole Easy Chicken Cari

Cari is a general name for some of the main dishes of Mauritian cuisine and Reunion cuisine.

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My Two favorite food & wine services

Hello my food lover, today I decided to share with you my favorite food & wine service that I use. Freshly, a meal plan service to keep a healthy diet and eat yummy food and Wine access to find all the wine you like and want to try.

duck breast
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Delicious Magret de canard (Duck)

A delicious magret de canard (Duck) breast is one of the favorite dishes of the French. Discover all the way how it It can cook. Duck breast with orange sauce, caramelized and more…

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Happy Chandeleur !!! Crepes recipe

Chandeleur in popular culture: crêpes According to Chandeleur’s tradition, crêpes symbolize the sun’s return after the “extended” winter nights.

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Tender Escalope à la Crème Recipe – Creamy Chicken Breast & Mushrooms

My mom often cooked this dish on weekends for my brother and sister because we all love it—a dish composed of chicken breast, crème fraîche, and mushroom.

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How to fresh up old bread?

How to fresh up old bread? The bread is an integral part of the daily life of the French.

Shrimp carry
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Easy Carry Crevette (Shrimp)

Carry crevette (shrimp) is one of the most traditional dish in Reunion. Beside the carry crevette (shrimp) is made with, sauce with spices.

fried rice
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How to Classic Cook Easy Fried Rice (Creole Riz Cantonais)

Le riz cantonais has Chinese origins but it has become popular in Reunion. Often eaten with chicken and a tomato rougail. Let’s try fried rice Reunion version !

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Where to Find a French Bakery in the United States?

I looked for you the French Bakery in America. Found your favorite place in your State !

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What is the Street Food in Reunion?

In reunion food truck are most commonly found in the capital of the island, food truck are lined up, especially on beaches. Here the best things to snack

eggplant donut
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Eggplant Donut (Beignet Bringelle/Aubergine)

Eggplant donut (beignet d’aubergine/bringelle) come as appetizers in Reunion. You can found them everywhere in snacks shop

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Delicious Strawberry Tart Recipe

Do you like strawberry? Try this delicious and simple strawberry tart. One of the french classic. You can found it in all bakery in Franceduring the season. Pat à Pain, Céréa, Leclerc etc…

Tomato rougail
Accompaniment Rougail, Creole Recipes

Creole Spicy Tomato Rougail

Classic tomatoes rougail from Reunion. Reunioneses people will always have rougail to accompanied their dish. Tomato Rougail is one of the most popular

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The Classic Coq au Vin

Coq au vin is a classic french dish, from region of Burgundy, it’s mean roster in wine.

lentils creole
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Easy Lentils Creole

Lentils creole are often accompanied with rice and any meat or carry

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French Piedmontese Potato Salad

This is a traditional french potato salad to eat with baguette. Delicious in summer time !


FRANCE: Regional speciality

Many dishes are thought of as part of French cuisine. Traditional French foods vary according to the region of France and will usually be a speciality of that area alone.

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5 Essentials Food Apps

Food apps are probably one of he most important any foodie can have on their phone. Find the perfect app for you.

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Sweet potato cake (Gateau patate)

The name in Reunion is Gateau patate, this cake is one the famous cake. Usually cooked for the events at the end of the year or with reunion family. If you like sweet potato this cake is for you !

pot au feu
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Pot au Feu

Pot-au-feu is a French beef stew.
It is the most celebrated dish in France. It honours the tables of the rich and poor alike

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Samoussa thon (tuna)

THE famous appetizer in Reunion.
You can’t go in Reunion and not try this famous samoussas, they are every where and the best things is you can have different one, cheese, tuna, ham and cheese and even sweet !

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Say cheese !Tartiflette is one of those dishes that you can’t believe you lived without.
Let’s try this delicious recipe

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Let me tell you a story #1

“French takes a lot of the time to eat, or drink just a coffee” What do you think ? ☕

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5 Basic Rules for Wine Pairing

Feel like combining wine with food? 🍷There’s a whole technique to learn! Follow the guide! 🥂