Easy Veal in cream sauce –( Blanquette de veau)


The Île-de-France region, and is invente by François Marin (Maître d ‘hôtel), author of a recipe book in 1739. The first written version was found in Vincent de La Chapelle’s cookbook in 1735.

At that time, the blanquette was made entirely of veal. Indeed the leftover roast was served as a starter, without other accompaniment except for button mushrooms and some onions. It was only from the Second World War that the blanquette became the main course and accompanied by rice.

In 1837 Jules Gouffré no longer used the leftover roast but presented a recipe based on raw veal, which then had to boil; it was then that the veal blanquette became more popular. The veal blanquette then conquered the French territory, and many variations are emerging depending on the regions. It is served in all areas and becomes a national dish.

It then becomes one of the oldest recipes in French gastronomy, an essential recipe, the symbol of a culinary tradition.

Today’s veal blanquette recipe consists of veal, carrots, onions, and button mushrooms, a clever mix of textures and flavors. The origin of this dish dates from the Middle Ages, a period during which the blanquette of veal was only a modest village dish prepared with chicken poached in a broth of wine and verjuice that families simmered for hours. In the baker’s oven or their fireplace.

What to drink with veal in cream sauce 


Very often, the blanquette serves with red wine. A disaster! The mistake here is to think that the match has been done with the meat. It is, in fact, the sauce that determines the choice of wine. This sauce is made based on a blond roux, lengthened at the end of cooking with crème fraîche. The proteins in milk do not mix well with the tannic texture of red wine and therefore require a white wine, which goes very well with white meat.

Regarding the white wine: The latter must have excellent acidic support, bringing a contrast with the creamy texture of the sauce, for example. Chardonnay, Marsanne or Pinot Gris are the best table companions for veal blanquette …

Blanquette is one of those dishes that are even better reheated. Don’t hesitate to do it the day before for the next day; it’s worth the wait. You can always replace the veal with chicken or turkey.

Easy Veal in cream sauce ( Blanquette de veau)

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Classic French Blanquette de veau (Veal in cream sauce)


  • One-ounce veal for braising

  • 1 Cup baby carrots

  • 8 Baby potatoes 

  • One large onion

  • 1 Large clove of garlic

  • 1 Cup mushrooms

  • 2 Cups fresh cream (especially no liquid cream; otherwise, your sauce will not be smooth enough). You can revise this dosage upwards or downwards depending on your taste for creamy sauces; it will in no way affect the quality of the blanquette.

  • Chicken bouillon

  • 1 Bouquet garni.

  • 2tbsp of flour (you can add more according to your tastes for a thicker sauce)

  • Salt pepper


  • Cut the meat into large cubes, and trim it to remove the fat if necessary—Reserve in a dish.
  • Slice the onion and the garlic, and put them to brown in a large pot with butter. When the onion has browned well, add the meat and let it brown for a few minutes.
  • Heat your chicken bouillon in 1 cup of water (the amount of veal stock depends on the brand you prefer), and set aside. When the meat is well colored, salt and pepper, add the chicken bouillon and the bouquet garni, then cook over medium heat and cover while preparing the vegetables.
  • Wash and peel (and especially not the other way around) the carrots and potatoes and add them either in large slices as well or in large pieces, as you prefer. Add the mushrooms.
  • Add the vegetables with the meat and simmer over low heat for 1 hour.
  • AFTER 1 hour
  • Pass all this little world to Chinese to collect the cooking broth in a bowl.
  • Reserve the meat and vegetables in a separate container and cover.
  • In the pot, reheat half of the cooking broth with the cream.
  • Mix well with a hand whisk to create clumps, then add the flour and mix again.
  • Adjust the seasoning.
  • When the mixture boils, continue to combine with a whisk to thicken.

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  • You can enjoy it immediately, as it is, or with rice (or others according to your taste). It is best to reserve it so that it lowers slowly in temperature, put it in the fridge for the night, and Simmer it again 45 minutes to 1 hour the next day before the meal; it will be even better (the sauce will have thickened slightly).

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