About Me

I’m Mayelice and I have 2 passions in my life, travelling and cooking. I grew up in small city, Nevers in the center of France, about 2 hours from Paris, but I like to move because I can’t stand routines. That’s why I travel a lot. I even got to live in one of my favorite cities, London, for 2 and half years. Cooking reminds me my roots. I’m half Moroccan and half Reunionese. I especially like to cook for my family and friends and make people happy. When I cook, I like to share my passion, my food, and it’s always a warm moment to share. I’m very close to my family and if there’s any reason I got to where I am now, it’s because of them. They taught me how to cook with love, they are always supportive of me and my life, especially my Mom, godmother and grandmother. I’m a very curious person in general and when someone cooking, I like to see what and how they cook to learn more. I always try more new recipes. 


I’ve been in around 10 different countries and currently live in United States as an au pair. My host Mom used to keep saying “You have a talent for cooking and you have to do something with that!” She encouraged me a lot and it is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to write a book.
I picked the name “Saveurs de Maye” because to me « Saveur » is a mix between different ingredients and my food mixes between french and creole (from Reunion) recipes. “Maye” is my nickname and I want my readers feel close to me.