TOP 10 Ingredients You Should Never put in the Freezer

1- Eggs

Don’t ruin perfectly good eggs by sticking them in the freezer. Although it’s perfectly fine to store a whisked egg in the freezer, the water in a hard-boiled one will expand enough to crack it, welcoming bacteria inside.

2- Dairy product
Cream cheese, cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, and all dairy product all separate once frozen, but any cheese will also go through a texture change. It’ll become crumbly if it was hard to start with and crystallized if it was soft.

3- Fried Food:
Putting them in the freezer will make them really difficult to reheat, and the crispy outside will get soggy.

4- Carbonated drink:
Cooling a carbonated can in the freezer might sound refreshing, but it will only lead to exploded aluminum and sticky soda in the long run.

5- Fully cooked pasta:
Freezing fully cooked pasta leads to mushy, limp noodles that are anything but appetizing. But if you cook pasta al dente, which means when it’s still firm when bitten, you’ll get better reheating results. Looking to freeze your sauce as well? Pour it into an ice cube tray to ensure that it melts quicker later.

6- Water-rich product:
There’s no better way to turn fresh produce into a limp and soggy mess than by dumping it into the freezer. Lettuce, potatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and apples all have a high water content, leading them to ice melts upon defrosting; you’ll leave be left with some seriously unappetizing fruits and veggies.

7- Defrosted meat:
Freezing meat once is fine. When you draw it and put it into the freezer again, things start getting a little sketchy.

8- Soft Herbs:
What was once a leafy green herb can transform into a brown ball of mush if left hanging out in the freezer. With a temperature change like that, the texture will be lost no matter what.

9- Potatoes: Freezing potatoes will separate the starch and the potato’s water, making them soggy.

10- Condiments: The ingredients will separate and won’t be appetizing.

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